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As part of Target’s initiative to simplify and upgrade its owned brand portfolio, we turned our sights on Target’s generic, billion-dollar “bullseye” brand. While this brand had enjoyed extraordinary success, sales had begun to plateau in many categories. Target believed it had the potential of realizing exponential growth if it could connect with the guest in a more relevant, emotional way. With this insight, it was determined that a new, vibrant brand would be created to better meet customers needs.

Target sifted through quantitative and qualitative analytics to understand the competitive landscape, consumer needs and Target’s unique advantages in the consumables category. We discovered that no retailer was providing consumables that delivered on three critical customer needs of value, ease and connection – a position that Target could credibly own.

This insight was brought this to life with the brand name ‘up & up’. The Up & Up brand aimed to deliver entry level product at great value, but with an unexpected twist. This “twist” elevated the product beyond the typical competitive offerings, delivering on the Expect More, Pay Less brand mantra. The strategy was then supported with a new packaging design, messaging strategies and in-store execution. To date, the new brand has nearly doubled the sales of it’s predecessor, and continues to grow.

“Target’s Up and Up brand is doing an excellent job of tapping into millennial pragmatism. The CPG brand’s offerings include everything from diapers to luggage, all unapologetically stripped down. The label, the logo and the products themselves are all about utility and savings. When buying products that serve only a temporary need, millennials will be driven by one motivation above all others: saving money.” -Forbes

Brand Identity, Design